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  1. Prince is born


    Prince Rogers Nelson, that is Prince's full name, was born on June 7, 1958, in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA. He was the son of jazz pianist and composer John Lewis Nelson (1916-2001) and jazz singer Mattie Della Shaw (1933-2002).
    He took his name from his father, who on stage used the nickname Prince Rogers. He and his sister Tyka have showed an interest in music since an early age. He started writing his own songs when he was 7 years old.

  2. The first contract


    At the age of 18 he signed his first record contract with Warner. The company agreed with Prince for three albums and gave him full creative freedom to record the material he wants.

  3. The first album

    for you
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    In 1978 he released his first album titled For You, in which he played all 27 instruments and wrote all the songs. The concerts were accompanied by Andre Cymone on the bass, Dez Dickerson on the guitar, Bobby Z in drums and Gayle Chapman and Doctor Fink on the keyboards. Their first live appearance was in Los Angeles in front of Warner Bros executives who were not convinced of the singer's potential.

  4. The second album

    prince second album
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    Prince is Prince's second album. Released October 19, 1979 by Warner.

  5. Dirty mind and funk

    prince second album
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    Dirty Mind is Prince's third album. Released on October 8, 1980 by Warner.
    With this album and the two following, he established the sound that was made on the course with distinctive and recognizable, with androgynous vocals, flap, guitar sole and sexually suggestive lyrics, an irresistible combination of funk, rock and dance music that peaked in 1984 with the Purple Rain.

  6. Controversy

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    Controversy is the fourth studio album by Prince. It was released on October 14, 1981 by Warner.

  7. The album that made him more widely known

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    1999 is the fifth studio album by Prince. It was released on October 27, 1982 by Warner. The album was his first top ten album on the Billboard 200 chart in the United States (peaking at number 9) and became the fifth best-selling album of 1983 and was certified Multi-Platinum by RIAA. 1999 was Prince's breakthrough album, but his next album, Purple Rain, would become his most successful.

  8. The take off to the top

    Purple rain
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    Με τη μπάντα του The Revolution, ο Prince κυκλοφόρησε το 1984 το Purple Rain, που πούλησε πάνω από δεκατρία εκατομμύρια αντίτυπα στις Η.Π.Α. και παρέμεινε για 24 εβδομάδες καρφωμένο στην κορυφή του Billboard. Έγινε το πιο επιτυχημένο εμπορικά album του Prince.
    Το ομώνυμο film στο οποίο ο Prince έκανε το κινηματογραφικό του ντεμπούτο, κέρδισε και το βραβείο Όσκαρ Καλύτερου Τραγουδιού.

  9. Another masterpiece

    Around the world in a day
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    Το 1985 κυκλοφόρησε το άλμπουμ Around The World In A Day σκαρφαλώνοντας στην κορυφή των Αμερικάνικων albums με την τρίτη εβδομάδα κυκλοφορίας του. Με αυτό το album συνέχισε να σαρώνει με πιο ψυχεδελικούς ήχους. Αμέσως μετά ο Prince ίδρυσε την δισκογραφική εταιρία Paisley Park στο κέντρο της Minneapolis.

  10. Kiss

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    Το 1986 κυκλοφόρησε το Parade, στο οποίο υπήρχε ένα από τα μεγαλύτερα του hits, το Kiss. To Parade ήταν ουσιαστικά, το soundtrack της δεύτερης ταινίας του Prince, Under The Cherry Moon, στην οποία εκτελούσε και χρέη σκηνοθέτη. Οι κριτικές όμως, ήταν απογοητευτικές και δίπλα στο Όσκαρ του πλέον, έπρεπε να τοποθετήσει και ένα Χρυσό Βατόμουρο για την ερμηνεία του. Οι Wendy Melvoin και Lisa Coleman απολύθηκαν, o Bobby Z. αντικαταστάθηκε ενώ ο Doctor Fink παρέμεινε. Νέα μέλη προσλήφθηκαν στη θέση τους, ανάμεσά τους και η χορεύτρια Cat Glover.

  11. Sign o' the Times

    Sign o'the times
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    Sign o' the Times is the ninth studio album by Prince. It was released on March 31, 1987 by Paisley Park Records and Warner.
    To αποκορύφωμά του δημιουργικά ήταν αυτός ο διπλός δίσκος που ήταν γεμάτος πολιτικές αναφορές και κοινωνικά μηνύματα δίπλα σε έντονα σεξουαλικά τραγούδια, ένα αριστουργηματικό άλμπουμ που σημάδεψε το δεύτερο μισό των ’80s. Το ομώνυμο κομμάτι και το The Cross συμπλήρωναν ερωτικούς ύμνους όπως το If I was Your Girlfriend και το I Could Never Take The Place of Your Man.

  12. Lovesexy

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    Lovesexy is the tenth studio album by Prince. The album was released on May 10, 1988 by Paisley Park Records and Warner, a little over a year after Prince's previous studio album, Sign o' the Times, which received critical praise and a Grammy nomination for Album of the Year.

  13. Batman

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    Batman is the eleventh studio album by Prince and the soundtrack album to the 1989 film Batman. It was released on June 20, 1989 by Warner.

  14. Ένα όχι τόσο επιτυχημένο album

    Graffiti Bringe
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    Το Σεπτέμβριο του 1990 κυκλοφόρησε το Graffiti Bridge, που ήταν το soundtrack της ομώνυμης ταινίας. Το άλμπουμ περιείχε μονάχα συνθέσεις του Prince τις οποίες τραγουδούσε μαζί με άλλους καλλιτέχνες όπως το νεαρό τότε Tevin Campbell, την Mavis Staples και τους Time. Δυστυχώς δεν μπόρεσε να επαναληφθεί η επιτυχία του Batman. Η αποτυχία τόσο του άλμπουμ όσο και της ταινίας ήταν παταγώδης. Ήταν η πρώτη φορά που συνέβαινε κάτι τέτοιο αλλά ο Prince ήταν αρκετά απασχολημένος με το να θέτει τις βάσεις για τα νέα του σχέδια.

  15. Diamonds and Pearls

    Diamonds and Pearls
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    Diamonds and Pearls was the thirteenth studio album by Prince, and the first to feature his backing band The New Power Generation. It was released on October 1, 1991 by Paisley Park Records and Warner.
    The album produced several hit singles, including Gett Off, Cream, Money Don't Matter 2 Night, Insatiable, and the title track.

  16. The Symbol


    In 1993, in rebellion against Warner Bros., which refused to release Prince's enormous backlog of music at a steady pace, he changed his name to prince-symbol, which was explained as a combination of the symbols for male (♂) and female (♀). In order to use the symbol in print media, Warner Bros. had to organize a mass mailing of floppy disks with a custom font. The symbol was soon dubbed "The Love Symbol", and until 2000, Prince was referred to as "The Artist Formerly Known as Prince" or simply "The Artist".

  17. The first marriage and the tragedy

    prince and his wife
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    Το 1996 παντρεύτηκε την χορεύτρια, Mayte Garcia. Όμως, μια προσωπική τραγωδία τον σημάδεψε, όταν ο γιος τους γεννήθηκε με το σύνδρομο Pheiffer και πέθανε μετά από μια εβδομάδα. Το ζευγάρι χώρισε το 1999.

  18. Musicology

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    In April 2004, Prince released Musicology through a one-album agreement with Columbia Records. The album rose as high as the top five on some international charts (including the US, UK, Germany, and Australia). The US chart success was assisted by the CDs being included as part of the concert ticket purchase, thereby qualifying each CD (as chart rules then stood) to count toward US chart placement. Three months later, Spin named him the greatest frontman of all time.

  19. 3121

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    3121 is the thirty-first studio album by Prince. It was released on March 21, 2006 by NPG Records and distributed by Universal Music.

  20. Ο ξαφνικός θάνατος


    Στις 21 Απριλίου του 2016 γίνεται γνωστή η είδηση του ξαφνικού θανάτου του εξαιτίας μίας γρίπης που τον ταλαιπωρούσε.